A case for the transport insurance !



Delivery by
DPD / Direct Parcel Distribution ( UK ) Ltd.



( Very important rule )

Do not get annoyed !

The delivery is insured, so keep calm !



If your PIZZA STONE / BREAD BAKING STONE does happen to arrive in such a condition,
which luckily enough does not happen very often,
then unfortunately the following formalities must be carried out
thereby abiding with the insurances regulations :

Please send us a photo of the damaged PIZZA STONE / BREAD BAKING STONE
- preferably including the packaging - straight away per email

As soon as the requested photo is received, we will report the damage to the insurance
and send you a replacement PIZZA STONE / BREAD BAKING STONE.

Please keep the package with the damaged PIZZA STONE / BREAD BAKING STONE
for a period of approx. 4 weeks.
The transport insurance, respectively the transport company reserve the right
to examine the damaged package within this period of time,
and to collect the package free of charge.

If this is not the case, dispose of the package together with your refuse.

The PIZZA STONE / BREAD BAKING STONE should by no means be returned to us,
neither freight paid nor paid by receiver.

Important notice :
The reproof period for transport insurance is 7 days maximum following delivery !
So please inform us as quickly as possible !




Send us an............  !