A case for the transport insurance !



- Delivery by DHL -



( Very important rule )

Do not get annoyed !

The delivery is insured, so keep calm !




If your PIZZA STONE / BREAD BAKING STONE does happen to arrive in such a condition,
which luckily enough does not happen very often,
then unfortunately the following formalities must be carried out
thereby abiding with the insurances regulations :

First of all you must inform us either by email or by fax
and if possible send us a photo of the damaged PIZZA STONE.

If your delivery includes accessories
then please remove them from the package if not damaged.

Please take, without delay, the damaged package
( including the damaged PIZZA STONE / without accessories )
to the Post Office
( or to the branch of the transport company that delivered the package ).

File your damage complaint there,
let the damage be determined and fill out a damage report.
Make sure that you receive a copy of the damage report !

As a result of your damage report, we will provide
an official commercial invoice ( as proof of the cost of the damage )
which will be sent to you together with a declaration of transfer - see scans -.

The Post Office or transport company will make a payment of damages
on presentation of both these documents and the damage report.

This all seems to be quite complicated but it is the quickest and easiest way !

In the case of any complications concerning the settlement,
please inform us immediately.

It will then be necessary to file a complaint here in Germany via DHL.
In this case we require a copy of the damage report and, it will also
be absolutely necessary to send us a photo of the damaged packaging.

As soon as we have received the damage report and photo
we will send you a replacement PIZZA STONE
( of course without any further charge ).

Important notice :
The reproof period for transport insurance is 7 days maximum following delivery !
So please inform us as quickly as possible !




Send us an............  !